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Invoice, receipt, bank-statement, ID, liasse fiscale, driver license...


Dataleon`s expert teams will manage your models effectively with active learning.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to mix pre-trained model and custom training plans ?

Yes, you can mix pre-trained model and custom training plans. If you have custom training plan,  you pay as you go for a pre-trained model you use on production.

Is pricing tiered ?

Yes, pricing is tiered. It depends on the number of documents/API requests made on production.

Can Dataleon`s team help me train a model ?

Yes, Dataleon`s team is available to help you train a model on the platform. Fixed number of training hours is included in each paln.

Will my files be deleted after processing ?

Yes, your files will be deleted. When processing your document or image, we create a temporary container. After processing, your image is deleted and the container is removed. Your data is not available to anyone.

Does Dataleon provide support?

Dataleon provides support to Dataleon users. We have a team of dedicated machine learning support engineers based in Paris working 9 am - 6 pm CET. However, you are welcome to send us a support request outside of these hours and one of our support engineers will respond at their earliest availability.The best way to reach our support team is to email us at support@dataleon.ai.



Automate your workflow in just 4 simple steps.


Accuracy and precision

Improve the productivity of your operational and sales teams by avoiding human errors.


Cost Reduction

Save time and money by automating your process with fast and accurate data collection.


Document supported

Dataleon platform supports PNG, JPEG and PDF file formats.

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The availability and diligence of our contacts at Dataleon were perfect. Good understanding of operational problems and functional objectives.

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Particularly resourceful and reactive, the Dataleon team knew how to meet our complex needs by bringing proper solutions

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Working with Dataleon is very enjoyable, professional, and productive.
Their experts have understood our needs well

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