List of sanctions and PEP data for AML compliance.

The sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEP) list is a crucial tool for compliance with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations. It makes it possible to verify whether individuals or entities are subject to sanctions or financial restrictions and to prevent the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Sanctions lists

Our sanctions database covers sanctions lists from OFAC, Canada, the UK Treasury, the EU, Australia, and many other regions and organizations around the world.

PPE data

Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) database covers approximately 1 million records from every country in the world.

Criminal surveillance

Our watch list database includes over 8,000 records from Interpol and the FBI. More watch lists are being added on an ongoing basis.

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Dataleon is GDPR compliant and offers a highly secure environment to each customer through regular audits of its technical infrastructure by third party cybersecurity companies.

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ISO 27001

We are ISO 27001 certified and offer a highly secure environment to our customers. Daily penetration tests and regular security audits of our infrastructure ensure the integrity of your data.

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eIDAS compliance

Compliant with eIDAS, we offer a secure environment for electronic identity. We carry out regular audits of our infrastructure by third party cybersecurity companies to ensure the reliability of our services.


Frequently asked questions

Why is sanctions and AML/CFT compliance relevant for my business?
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Global LBC/FT and KYC regulations are a complicated area to navigate, especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). Not only does the complexity of regulations make it difficult, but often there are regulations to comply with from multiple countries or organizations.

While the financial industry/financial institutions and other high-risk industries such as real estate have long been required to implement AML/CFT and KYC processes, many other industries are now only facing more stringent regulations thanks to the global generalization of sanctions and AMBC/FT compliance requirements.

In general, all businesses are required to adopt sanctions and AML/FT compliance programs and to check their customers/business partners against global sanctions lists to understand the risks associated with their customers.

Where do you store this data? On which servers, in which regions?
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We currently have 2 EU data centers in France for AI processing with our Cloud partners. EU-West-1 at AWS France in Paris and EU-West-2 at Dassault Systèmes French sovereign cloud in Roubaix.

Is it possible to delete this stored data upon request?
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Yes, by default we do not store data after processing (the maximum processing time is 5 minutes). However, we can give you a maximum of 2 weeks for long-term processes. You have the option of requesting a certified deletion analysis and audit report from us on our servers

Are humans accessing user data manually?
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No, at Dataleon confidentiality is essential, no one has access to the production, even our super administrator! Isolated, temporary Docker containers are created at each treatment with no access to the outside allowed for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Do you make data anonymous or do you protect personal data?
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Dataleon is in compliance with the GDPR, and provides a highly secure environment for each customer. In addition, we have developed technology to automatically anonymize data and also encryption.


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Dataleon allowed us to save 4 times more time in deploying our solution, thanks to their automation and no-code solution with artificial intelligence.

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Sonia Chetioui
Financial Consulting
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Dataleon's financial data conversion solution allowed us to save time for our technical teams while allowing us to offer other services to our customers.

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Quentin Rochias
Customer Success Tech @AGICAP
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The scalable solution of the Dataleon platform allows our teams to focus on tasks with high added value and thus improve the onboarding of our customers.

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Laetitia Gascon,
Customer Success Tech @VIRGIL
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Thanks to the Dataleon solution, and their AI engine and excellent support, we were able to implement data processing in less than 3 days.

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Arnaud Cluzel
Managing Partner
@Æque Main

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