OCR bank statement
and amortization tables 🇪🇺

Dataleon helps you analyze bank statements and amortization tables via powerful OCR APIs in less than 60 seconds.

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Automated processing of bank statements and amortization tables in real time

Are you used to analyzing client documents in order to validate a financing file? We are able to provide an analysis report in less than a minute thanks to our AI engine in order to continue your process safely.

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50 banks of bank statements and EU 🇪🇺 amortization tables supported

Extraction of transactions from more than 50 banks of bank statements in the European Union in real time on your digitized documents, printed documents, paper statements while respecting your personal data

Automated processing
in real time

The processes for extracting banking transactions from a bank account statement are often outdated, manual, and have numerous bottlenecks. Done with Dataleon


Other documents for your financial analysis

Dataleon is an ultimate solution for creating unique and powerful online experiences using AI and machine learning. Explore our pre-built, ready-to-use AI models to meet your specific use cases starting today.

Gain clarity when analyzing entities and data connections. Identify new opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.

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Break down data silos. Gain clarity in analyzing entities and data connections. Discover new opportunities for cost savings and enhanced efficiency.

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Dataleon allowed us to save 4 times more time in deploying our solution, thanks to their automation and no-code solution with artificial intelligence.

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Sonia Chetioui
Financial Consulting
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Dataleon's financial data conversion solution allowed us to save time for our technical teams while allowing us to offer other services to our customers.

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Quentin Rochias
Customer Success Tech @AGICAP
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The scalable solution of the Dataleon platform allows our teams to focus on tasks with high added value and thus improve the onboarding of our customers.

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Laetitia Gascon,
Customer Success Tech @VIRGIL
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Thanks to the Dataleon solution, and their AI engine and excellent support, we were able to implement data processing in less than 3 days.

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Arnaud Cluzel
Managing Partner
@Æque Main

Frequently asked questions

Does Dataleon provide support?

Dataleon offers support to its users, with a dedicated team of machine learning engineers based in Paris, available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET. For support requests outside these hours, please send us an email and one of our engineers will respond as soon as possible. Contact our support team at for assistance.

Are my files deleted after processing?

Yes, your files are securely deleted. During the processing of your document or image, we use a temporary container. Once processing is complete, your image is deleted and the container is also removed. This ensures that your data remains inaccessible, even to Dataleon.


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