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New no-code challenge AI

The process of building and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) can be long and expensive.

March 25, 2021

The process of building and deploying artificial intelligence (AI) can be long and expensive. It leads organizations to spending an average of around $40 million a year on AI, while relatively few projects make it into production. Such Automated Machine Learning tools (AutoML) as Microsoft Azure can be a powerful way for technical AI professionals to speed up their workflows. Though, they are expensive, time-consuming, inaccessible to non- technical people and difficult to deploy and maintain.

No-code AI platforms like Dataleon are democratizing machine learning by making AI:

  • Easy to use: Dataleon allows you to start building models straight from datasets without writing code or using complex tools.
  • Easy to learn: Dataleon makes it possible to bring artificial intelligence to general public.
  • Affordable: Dataleon charges for the number of actions you take per month, so you pay only for what you use.
  • Deployable: Dataleon`s models can be deployed in any setting in just a few clicks.

Let’s explore these points in-depth to see why no-code AI platforms can be more efficient than traditional AI tools.

No-code AI doesn’t need experts

No-code AI tools like Dataleon can be used to build and deploy models in minutes, and you’ll be well-grounded in the functionality in hours, as opposed to years.

No-code AI platforms are affordable

With Dataleon, there’s never a model training cost. You can use Dataleon API to serve predictions in any setting.

No-code AI platforms are fast

Dataleon`s model training process is fast. Thence, it helps deliver the product to the target market 10x faster.

No-Code AI is Easy to Deploy and Maintain

No-code AI platforms like Dataleon allow users to avoid time spent on research. Moreover, no configuration machines are needed for the deployment. As even non-technical professionals can easily deploy and maintain models, it becomes much easier to bring artificial intelligence projects to production.

No-code AI is highly adaptive

Using tools like Dataleon, it’s fast and easy for business users to create ML models. Such a tool can be a great resolution in case you are not sure that your features can work with artificial intelligence.

No-code AI platforms are time- and money saving

No-code AI tools like Dataleon make it possible to avoid machine learning ops systems and development ops systems. Business user can easily avoid deploying models on production.

At Dataleon, we’re focused on making machine learning effortless and affordable for everyone. Our no-code AI platform allows anyone to start using the power of artificial intelligence to automate their business.


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